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February 26, 2020

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24KT Jewellery




20KT / E. Indian




14KT & Dental






.925 Silver (sterling)


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Gold Coin Buy Prices
February 26, 2020

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Canada Maple Leaf
USA Gold Eagle
USA Gold Buffalo
USA Gold $20 (1849-1933)
S. Africa Krugerrand
Mexico 50 Peso (1921-47)
Austria 100 Corona
BEWARE of Gold Buyers claiming "HIGHEST PRICES GUARANTEED", "20% PRICE GUARANTEE", "OTHERS HAVE HIDDEN CHARGES", "WE BEAT ANY PRICES" or offer; "COUPONS", or "GOLD PACKS" by mail. Most of these buyers payout the lowest prices in Canada.
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You can feel 100% satisfied that you have received the best price for your gold, because we pay more than the competition. 
Other companies like Cash4Gold.com pay you as little as 40% of your Gold's value, while you can receive as much as 95% with Gold Vancouver.

We have:

- No Hidden Commissions
- No Hidden Refining charges
- No Hidden Charges of Any Kind

- Free Estimates with No Obligation
What We Buy at Gold Vancouver..
Gold, Silver and Platinum
We are interested in purchasing Gold, Silver, and Platinum in all forms. New, Old or Broken Jewelry, Bars, Coins, Dental, Nuggets, Sterling Silver Tableware, and Platinum Labware.
Gold Coins
We Buy All World Gold Coins and endeavour to Pay You the Highest possible prices. We pay over gold for older USA, and Canadian Gold Coins.
Silver Coins
We Buy all Canada and USA Silver Coins. Canada 1966 and earlier, 1967, and 1968 (Junk Silver). Montreal Olympic Coins, and Sets. USA 1964 and earlier, Silver Dollars etc.  
Old Coins and Paper Money
We buy all older Canada, USA, Foreign Coins and Paper Money.  We quote you both our buy and sell prices. Contact us today for a free no-obligation estimate on your items.    
1. We would be pleased to meet with you at our downtown Vancouver Gold buying Location. 
Drop in Today for a Free Estimate.
2. Mail your gold or items to us.
Contact us by Phone or E-mail and we will tell you the best method to send your material, fully insured.
Our buyers are professional appraisers that have over 35 years experience. We have dealt with literally tens of thousands of customers in Vancouver alone since 1972.
We are located in Pacific Centre Vancouver. We are one block from Granville & Waterfront Skytrain Stations. You are welcome to drop in for a FREE estimate. If our lines are busy, please leave your name & number so we can return your call ASAP.
When you sell gold and other precious metals you should shop around to make sure you receive the best price!
We have compiled a list that shows the top gold and silver buyers in Vancouver and the price they pay per gram for each karat of gold.

Here is the proof that we pay out the most cash for gold at Gold Vancouver!
Previous comparisons:
02/09/11 - 10/18/11 - 2/18/13
Our Rates Compared to Other Vancouver Gold Buyers

Comparison Date: 12/18/2017


Vancouver Gold Buyers:

10 K

14 K

18 K

20 K

22 K

24 K


Gold Vancouver



35.45 39.68 43.12 47.73 WE PAY THE MOST!
Richmond Luxury & Pawnbrokers


26.01 33.44 37.15 40.87 44.58 Pawn Shops are paying higher prices than the gold buyers below!
Buy Sell Pawn 18.32 25.64 31.95 35.18 39.21 42.78
Vancouver Cash for Gold 16.91 23.69 30.48 33.86 37.23 40.64 Pretty low..
Canada Gold AKA Vancouver Gold 16.52 23.48 30.43 not listed 37.39 41.73 Don't be fooled by "Premium Jewelry" prices.
Vancouver Gold 16.47 23.40 30.34 not listed 37.27 41.60
Cash4Gold These gold buyers do not list daily buy prices on their websites.

Look out!
Birks Gold Exchange
Money Mart