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About Gold Vancouver

Our buyers have been in the precious metal and collectible business for over 40 years, and have dealt with literally tens of thousands of customers in Vancouver alone.

Over the past few years we have witnessed an abundance of "Gold Buyers" setting up shop, and paying alarmingly low buy prices to the public. Companies offer all kinds of " bonus coupons", "gold parties", "gold mail in kits", and deceptive guarantees to entice customers to sell their gold for as little as 40% of it's real value. There was a major void in this marketplace. An honest company was needed that paid the Highest Prices in Canada for precious metals, and properly compensate their customers; a company that posts all their metal prices daily and quotes the Highest actual buy prices, all without hidden charges of any kind. To help fill this void, Gold Vancouver was born.

Gold Vancouver also buys all types of collectable Coins, and Paper Money from Canada, USA, and Worldwide, and offers free no-obligation estimates.

We are Professional Numismatists, and experts in the field of counterfeit detection. Since 1972, we have paid many "World Record Prices" for single coins, banknotes, and entire collections. We are extremely well versed in the numismatic field, and are competitive on an International basis.

When you decide to sell your precious metals, coins, and old paper money, you will be very happy that you dealt with Gold Vancouver.

Whether we come to you, or we arrange the safest way for you to ship your items to us, you will be satisfied that you have received some of the best prices, service, and expertise in Canada.

We offer free estimates on all Collections, Accumulations, or entire Estates. For more prices please contact us by e-mail or phone.

Sell Gold Jewelry in Vancouver

Our Scrap Gold Buy Prices

June 23, 2024 Buy Price (Per Gram)
24 Karat Jewelry $88.34
22 Karat $84.19
20 Karat $76.97
18 Karat $68.97
14 Karat $53.59
10 Karat $38.19
9 Karat $34.52
Sterling Silver $0.99
More Buy Prices..
Sell Gold coins and bars in Vancouver

Our Gold Bar & Coin Prices

June 23, 2024 Buy
1 oz Gold Bar (9999) $3127.28
1 oz Gold Maple Leaf $3158.87
1 oz Krugerrand $3013.56
Mexican 50 Pesos $3506.34
USA Gold $20 $3000.92
USA Gold Eagle $3079.90
Canada $100 (1976-1986) $1459.39
More GOLD Bar and Coin Buy Prices..

Prices are updated every 5-10 minutes, and are the actual prices that you will receive.

Sell silver coins and bars in Vancouver

Silver Bar & Coin Prices

June 23, 2024 Buy Sell
1 oz Silver Bar (Recognized) $39.69 $43.29
10 oz Silver Bar (Recognized) $400.79 $433.79
1 oz Silver Maple Leaf $40.38 $44.38
Canadian 1966 & earlier * $20.46 -
Canadian Silver Dollars $20.69 -
Canadian 1967 10 & 25 cents* $15.41 -
Canadian 1968 10 & 25 cents* $11.94 -
More SILVER Bar and Coin Buy Prices..

What we buy at Gold Vancouver..

Below are just some of the items that we buy at Gold Vancouver. We have been known to pay record prices for many items.

Sell Gold in Vancouver

Gold, Silver and Platinum

We are interested in purchasing Gold, Silver, and Platinum in all forms. New, Old or Broken Jewelry, Bars, Coins, Dental, Nuggets, Sterling Silver Tableware, and Platinum Labware.

Sell Gold Coins in Vancouver

Gold Coins & Bars

We Buy All World Gold Coins and pay out the highest possible prices. We pay over gold for older USA, and Canadian Gold Coins.

Sell Silver Coins Vancouver

Silver Coins & Bars

We Buy all Canada and USA Silver Coins. Canada 1966 and earlier, 1967, and 1968 (Junk Silver). Montreal Olympic Coins, and Sets. USA 1964 and earlier, Silver Dollars etc.

Vancouver Diamond Buyer


We are interested in buying better quality diamonds half a carat and larger. We have a GIA certified gemologist on staff that will accurately grade and price your stones.

Sell Paper Money in Vancouver

Old Coins and Paper Money

We buy all older Canada, USA, Foreign Coins and Paper Money. We quote you both our buy and sell prices. Contact us today for a free no-obligation estimate on your items.

Vancouver Watch Buyer


We are interested in purchasing better watches such as Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Vacheron & Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Omega, Breitling, Piaget, Panerai.

Deal with the Professionals

Our buyers are professional appraisers that have over 40 years experience. We have dealt with literally tens of thousands of customers in Vancouver alone since 1972.

Dont be a victim. Do your research before selling gold!

Don't be a Victim!

BEWARE of Gold Buyers claiming "Highest Prices Guaranteed", "120% Price Guarantee", "We Beat any Prices" or offer; "Coupons", or "Gold Packs" by mail. Most of these buyers payout the lowest prices in Canada. Other Gold buyers may post "Premium Jewelry" buy prices at the top of their prices page, Don't be fooled! These prices are only for high end jewelry like Cartier or Tiffany.

We are Professional Gold buyers with 40+ years of experience

100% Satisfaction

You can feel 100% satisfied that you have received the best price for your gold, because we pay more than the competition. Other companies pay you as little as 40% of your Gold's value, while you can receive as much as 95% with Gold Vancouver. We have NO hidden comissions, refining fees or hidden charges of any kind. We always offer Free Estimates with No Obligation

Gold Vancouver pays out the most cash!

Gold Buyers Compared

When you sell gold and other precious metals, you should shop around to make sure you receive the best price! We have compiled a list that shows the top gold and silver buyers in Vancouver and the price they pay per gram for each karat of gold. Here is the proof that we pay out the most cash for gold at Gold Vancouver!

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