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Gold Bar Prices
January 21, 2020

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1 gram Gold Bar
2.5 gram Gold Bar
5 gram Gold Bar
10 gram Gold Bar
20 gram Gold Bar
1 oz Gold Bar
2 oz Gold Bar
5 oz Gold Bar
10 oz Gold Bar
1 Kilo Gold Bar

Silver Bar Prices
January 21, 2020

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1 oz Silver Bar
5 oz Silver Bar
10 oz Silver Bar
20 oz Silver Bar
1 Kilo Silver Bar
50 oz Silver Bar
100 oz Silver Bar
1000 oz Silver Bar
Terms and Conditions for Gold Vancouver
1. You must be the rightful owner of any items that you offer for sale to Gold Vancouver.

2. All shipments to Gold Vancouver must be confirmed in advance.

3. Sellers must be at least 18 years of age and present current official Canada government issued photo ID. A image, scan, or photocopy must be emailed, or included in shipments.

4. Sellers, or their authorized agents, confirm that any, and all material offered for sale to Gold Vancouver is not the proceeds of crime.

5. Stolen, or illegal property will not be entertained in any way whatsoever, this, and any suspicious activity will be reported to Vancouver Police Department and/or RCMP.

6. We reserve the right to limit quantities when we are buying or selling.

7. We pay the prices posted, and we have no hidden charges of any kind.

8. All prices are subject to market changes.

9. All purchases made by Gold Vancouver are reported to the Vancouver Police Department.

10. Gold Vancouver complies with all federal, provincial, and municipal laws, by-laws and reporting requirements (ie: VPD Xtract, FINTRAC, and Revenue Canada).

11. All buy prices are in Canadian funds, we do not make purchases in any other currency and we do not deal in foreign exchange.

12. We do not make purchases less than $100 for scrap precious metals.


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